Benefits of green tea and black tea

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The more number of people you talk to about your health related activities the more advices you are likely to get. There are different versions of understanding this. There is a general belief that coffee is harmful to health when compared to tea. Well we are not going to debate over if tea is better or coffee.

Let us discuss few variants of tea and benefits of green tea and black tea. Both in fact have their own advantages when it comes to health benefits. Both green and black tea is plucked from plant camellia sinensis.

What do you prefer – black tea or green tea?

Benefits of black tea:

Firstly talking about benefits of black tea, these leaves give a dark color when it is used as a beverage. Generally the leaves are fully grown and dry and then processed which results in the dark colour. Due to the low caffeine content, black tea helps in circulation of blood.


Black tea also contains Fluoride which helps in having healthy bones and oral care. Black tea on complete processing does not contain any anti-oxidants. It also helps to fight bacteria and strengthen the immune system. The benefits of black tea do not end with this, consumption of black tea helps to reduce the chances of stroke as it takes care to balance the cholesterol level in the human body, keeps a check on the digestive tracts. Black tea also takes care of the hormone levels in the body that keeps the stress away from your routine life.

Theanine is an amino acid which is naturally available in tea leaves and this material is believed to give a calming and soothing effect and is of huge advantage to tea lovers. This is known to be one of the huge benefits of black tea.

Benefits of green tea:

Most of them generally go for black tea for its taste but the green tea is not loved for its taste but for its healthy ways to our body. It is a well known fact that benefits of green tea have been availed by people for many decades now. It is believed that green tea originated in China but is now almost universally consumed with much percentage being from Asia.


It is believed that green tea has huge benefits such as lowering of blood pressure and it also helps to cure cancer. The difference in processing patterns between black tea and green tea gives advantage to green tea over black tea.  In the case of black tea the process involves fermentation but its not so in the case of green tea. The result is that maximum amount of poly-phenols and antioxidants continue to be retained in the green tea thus increases benefits of green tea.

Let us now list out a few of incredible benefits of green tea. Even though few of the below mentioned benefits of green tea are still being debated upon, please make a thorough clinical research or take advise before implementing them for medical  purpose.

  1.  Prevention of Heart Disease: It is believed that green tea helps on the coating of blood vessels that helps to keep them stress-free and thus help them resist the fluctuations in blood pressure. It also helps in the protection against clots in the heart which are otherwise the primary reason for a heart attack.
  2.  Skin Care: It has been tested and tried by various research institutes that green tea helps in reduction in wrinkles and improves upon anti-aging. All this is possible because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.
  3.  Weight Reduction: Green tea is known to increase metabolism and polyphenol that is found in it works to make stronger levels of fat oxidation which in turn helps the conversion of food into calories.
  4. Blood Pressure: It is believed that regular consumption of green tea help to keep the blood pressure normal and thus reduces the risk of high blood pressure.
  5. Dental Care: It is believed that the chemical antioxidant “catechin” in tea helps to annihilate bacteria and other viruses which cause dental caries and also helps in clearing throat infections.
  6. Diabetes Care: It appears that green tea helps to normalize the levels of glucose within the body thereby slowing down the process of increase of blood sugar after the meals. Green tea helps in prevention of rise in insulin levels.
  7.  Cholesterol Reduction:  Green tea helps to reduce bad cholesterol in our blood and also improves the levels of good cholesterol.
  8. Esophageal Cancer: Green tea can help to reduce the risk of esophageal cancer and is hugely believed to kill cancer cells in common without destroying the healthy tissues around them.

Big question?

We all will agree – be it green or black, benefits of a cup of tea is a reality in our daily life. There are questions however still doing rounds on how many cups of tea are really beneficial.

Though we have discussed huge benefits of green tea and black tea, it is advised to consult your physician especially in the case of women and that too if you are pregnant.

Happy Tea-ing J


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